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Privacy Policy

The Rosehill and Donnington Advice Centre is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of information relating to people using and running the Centre.

Your Information

We believe that information given to us by people in confidence should only be used for the purpose intended by the person giving it.

Our policy is detailed below:

  1. Personal information about a client will be gathered, with their consent, only for the purpose of assisting the client.
  2. The client will be advised that they can withdraw consent at any time.
  3. Consent will be sought from each client at regular intervals.
  4. Staff, volunteers and Trustees will not divulge information that could compromise a person’s safety or right to privacy.
  5. All staff, volunteers and Trustees sign a confidentiality form when they join the Centre, and will be kept aware of confidentiality issues.
  6. The confidentiality policy applies to all information gained through our professional relationship with people, including verbal, written and computer records.
  7. Confidential information will be shared between staff and volunteers in order to ensure good service delivery but will not be shared with others.
  8. Individual clients’ business will not be discussed with anyone outside the Centre without the Client’s permission: unless and until a client signs a standard Consent Form, no one from the Centre may reveal any confidential information to a third party.
  9. Clients will always be interviewed within private rooms, out of the hearing of any other people.
  10. Confidential papers will be locked away whenever the Centre is left empty.
  11. Personal or sensitive information will be reported to Trustees and funding bodies only in aggregate and not in a form which can identify individuals.
  12. Personal information will be destroyed when no longer required.